Take Action: Tell Krispy Kreme to Be a Forest Hero

Krispy Kreme's doughnuts sure are delicious, but the company still fries its doughnuts in palm oil that comes from producers that cut down rainforests, drain carbon-rich peatlands, and exploit local communities.

Throughout the summer, Forest Heroes have been greeting customers at Krispy Kreme store openings, showing the close tie between the sticky grease on a tasty Krispy Kreme doughnut and the rampant deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Read up on the recent actions in Delaware and Tennessee and then a follow up event at a grand opening in Jacksonville, Florida

Tell Krispy Kreme that delicious donuts do not have to come doused in rainforest destruction and to help save the remaining habitat of the critically threatened Sumatran tiger.

To learn more about the issue, check out our Deforestation Doughnuts report.

Petition text:

Dear Krispy Kreme CEO Tony Thompson,

Don’t make us choose between your delicious doughnuts and the survival of Sumatran tigers and orangutans. Require suppliers like Cargill, IOI Loders Croaklaan, and Bunge to adopt a comprehensive policy that protects forests, peatlands, and human rights, and includes a fully traceable and legal supply chain, and adopt a deforestation-free commodity sourcing policy for Krispy Kreme's global enterprise.

Will you sign?

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